Advanced Engineering Program - Erfahrungsberichte |


Cody – Colorado Springs, CO
Application Auto-Configuration

"In my first project, I created a way to discover networks and applications that needed monitoring and automatically configure the server accordingly. I was able to reuse existing NETSCOUT technology to build a new auto-configuration framework. I had to port the C++ code to new hardware and design a communications scheme that would allow for the product to scale for future development."


Craig – Colorado Springs, CO
Veri-Fi™ on the OneTouch AT Network Assistant

"In my first project, I developed the exclusive Veri-Fi™ test for the OneTouch AT Network Assistant. The Veri-Fi™ test transmits traffic in both directions over wireless and Ethernet ports to gather performance information for each of these mediums. I implemented this using my experience with C++ in an embedded Linux environment. Veri-Fi™ is now one of the most marketed features for OneTouch AT Network Assistant."


Evan – Everett, WA
OptiFiber Pro User Interface

"In my second project, I designed and implemented portions of the touch and gesture based user interface for the OptiFiber Pro using C++ and the Qt graphical application framework for embedded Linux. The experience with event-driven software, collaborative development, and the large scale of the project reinforced the value of architectural and design techniques I learned in my Masters of Computer Science program. My designs were highlighted on the front page of marketing materials for the industry leading OptiFiber Pro when it launched."

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