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AirMagnet Zertifiziertes Training

Designed to cater to the needs of Wireless LAN designers by  using the latest tools in the design, and implementation of WLANs in real-world situations meeting the complex needs of Data, Voice over WiFi. The goal of this course is to provide training and live testing of WLAN Design and Site Survey techniques. We will be using AirMagnet Planner and Survey to help take WLAN design to the next level. We now include a major section on 802.11n and how to design around its specific architecture and needs. WiFi Analyzer module is also added to provide in depth analysis of WiFi traffic.

Course Outline:

Day One - 802.11 & Design & Planner

  • WLAN Security w/ WiFi Analyzer
  • Wireless Network Design Basics
  • Site Survey Basics
  • Understanding RF range boundaries
  • Pre-Deployment Design
  • Survey Install & Configuration
  • Using Planner Software

Day Two - Site Survey

  • Survey Install & Configuration
  • Using Survey Interfaces
  • Interpreting Survey Data
  • Reporting Survey Data
  • Advanced Features of Survey Pro
  • Meeting advanced design requirements

Day Three - WiFi Analyzer and Security

  • AirMagnet WiFi Overview
  • 802.11 WLAN Fundamentals
  • Installation & Configuration
  • WLAN Performance Management
  • WLAN Troubleshooting
  • Using WiFi Analyzer to Troubleshoot
  • Using WiFi Analyzer Reporting Functions
  • Advanced Analysis

Course Equipment:
Please bring a laptop. You MUST have systems administrator privileges!Cou 

S$856.00 inclusive of GST (per person per day)

Payment information will be collected by a NETSCOUT’ representative via e-mail or phone a few days after completing the online registration. Note that payment is due one week before the class commence.     

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