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Are You a Network Genius? Find Out in NETSCOUT'S New TCP/IP Expert Quiz

Network pros, you spend your days in the trenches of protocols, end-to-end connectivity, links, layers, and specifications. You can spout off network architectural principles in your sleep and could diagram your network's topology with your eyes closed, right? Now, you can put your knowledge to the test.

NETSCOUT just premiered a new TCP/IP Expert Quiz to see how well network pros really know protocols, packets, connections, and traffic capture. If you feel like you could slam-dunk an entire Jeopardy category on port numbers to application names, this quiz is right up your alley.

After seeing how well you know networking, participants can enter to win a free copy of ClearSightAnalyzer, the software that solves application problems without looking at packets. It even works with Wireshark and other trace files. So whether you dominate the quiz or need a little more time with your TCP flashcards, you can still enter to win the protocol analysis engine that helps maintain, diagnose, and resolve application and network performance issues without being a packet expert.

Click here to take the TCP/IP Expert Quiz. For more information about ClearSight Analyzer or to try it free on your network for 14 days, please click here.

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