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Experten-Interview-Serie: Ferran Gutierrez von Nice People At Work über die Verwendung von Daten zur Verbesserung von Online-Video

12. Dezember 2016

Ferran Gutierrez, CEO and Co-Founder of Nice People at Work (NPAW), is an entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience with - and a successful track record in - technology and video start-ups. He's also the founder of Wuapi and co-founder of

We recently asked Ferran for his insight on how the online video industry should be using data to improve service. Here's what he had to say:

Tell us about Nice People at Work. What services do you offer?

NPAW is a Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) company serving the online video industry. We help digital content distributors gain full visibility and insight into their service in order to make strategic decisions to optimize their service and deliver excellent video experiences to the end-user. YOUBORA's in-depth data provides an end-to-end view of the online video delivery ecosystem that allows customers to make the best decisions based on real time and historical data.

By providing deep insights, we help our clients to optimize their whole delivery strategy to build a profitable online video business. YOUBORA offers the most advanced, holistic and informative platform to assist video distributors in accomplishing their business, operational and technical goals.

What are your client's biggest pain points? How do you help them?

Big Data QoE is critical to engage with any audience since it helps video providers improve their service. Online video providers face big challenges today: not only technical and operational, but also business challenges, such as gaining and retaining users. By understanding what the end users want, customers can leverage a critical aspect of their video strategy and engagement, so providers can reduce churn.

As time goes on, users are becoming more and more demanding; they want to be able to choose what, when and how to consume content. Here is where a tool like YOUBORA can help Broadcasters and OTT providers to make better decisions, detect behavioral trends, increase their visibility, improve user experience, increase audience engagement and, in nutshell, optimize their online video strategy.

How should online media companies be using big data today?

Big data enable companies to gain in-depth insights to support their business decisions and drive performance, which allow online video providers to reach greater levels of customer satisfaction. Understanding the end-user, how the service works, the end-user experience, the manner in which content is consumed, is the first step in the process of gathering accurate data, that will later form actionable insights into how the service can be optimized and customized.

Why is it essential that these companies harness big data today? What are the risks of not doing so?

Because information drives efficiency and big data is mission critical for online video companies to improve and optimize their service.

As the internet ushers us further into the Information Age, "big data" will be a key differentiator between dynamic, innovative media providers and the rest (who probably will not last too long).

Here at NPAW, we do not aim to simply provide our customers with useful big data; we empower our customers with actionable data and insights so precise and customizable that decisions are never made without all relevant information available. Actually, organizations driven mostly by data-based decision have 4 percent more productivity, have 6 percent higher profits, better understand customers and react to events in real time.

What types of business intelligence should online media companies be using to improve online video?

At NPAW we believe that full and accurate information empowers the smartest decision-making processes. When it comes to BI and online media companies, harnessing big data, establishing it into goals and then converting it into actionable insights is one of the best ways to craft their video delivery strategy and optimize their service. This is why companies need to choose a BI tool that has a solid, agile and scalable infrastructure. With this comes the accuracy, granularity and resolution of data points, a platform that is easy and flexible to integrate. Low in complexity, very customizable and with a friendly UI.

How has online video evolved since you started NPAW?

Ours is an industry that is growing quickly and evolving faster. In terms of the market, technologies and video consumption. A really big transition from traditional broadcast content to Internet delivered video is currently happening. This transformation is occurring across all devices including tablets, mobile and gaming consoles that are consuming all types of content. According to a report released by Cisco, 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019 will be from consumer video traffic. How has it evolved? Well, there's a big shift of the paradigm of video consumption, especially with millennials.

What are the most exciting trends or innovations you're following in online media right now? Why do they interest you?

Sophisticated technologies emerge every day. Currently, VR and 360° video are taking their first steps. 4K is the must have for audiences. Cord-cutting and cord-shaving are steadily on the rise and will continue. This is important for us because the paradigm shift with regard to video consumption is shaping the market and allows us to develop solutions that adjust to these upcoming vanguard technologies like VR and 4K.

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