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Ihr How-To-Tutorial für SaaS Performance Monitoring

3. Oktober 2016

One of the upsides of turning your services over to a cloud provider is that they take most of the responsibility for monitoring application performance and such. That also happens to be one of the downsides. You lose a lot of visibility and transparency in terms of application performance. Most cloud service providers maintain that this is the customer's responsibility.

Experten-Interview-Serie: Morten Kjaersgaard von Heimdal Sicherheit

23. September 2016

Morten Kjaersgaard is the CEO of Heimdal Security, the team which is spearheading a new approach to cyber security, based on proactive protection.

Here Morten discusses the challenges of cyber security today, how organizations can protect themselves from threats and the importance of fostering innovation in IT and beyond. Read on:

Experten-Interview-Serie: Frank Barker von Bacula Systems

8. September 2016

Frank Barker is the CEO at Bacula Systems, a leading enterprise network backup and restore software company, combining Bacula's enterprise-class open standards software with first-class support and professional services.

Here, Frank shares his insight on the critical nature of network backup and strategies for ensuring your company's data is protected. Read on:

5 wesentliche Bestandteile eines erfolgreichen UC&C-Systems

September 1, 2016

Unified Communications and Collaboration, usually shortened to just UC&C, is a technology that allows for the integration of voice, video, and data into a single service. UC&C gives users the ability to communicate and collaborate with anyone from virtually anywhere, in real time. It's an excellent replacement for costly and disparate communications systems, which often fail to meet the business' needs for communicating and collaborating across time zones and national boundaries.

So bereiten Sie Ihr Netzwerk auf Unified Communications vor

11. August 2016

Technology has a funny way of ballooning until it bursts, and then regrouping in a more cohesive, sensible fashion. Nowhere is this more evident than in the field of communications. For decades, the telephone and face-to-face meeting were essentially the only way to get business communications done. With the advent of the Internet, that ballooned at an astonishing pace into a plethora of tools from text messaging to webcams to voice mail to social chatting and IM. This means that enterprises have to employ network administrators in addition to telephony experts, systems administrators, and more.

Wie SaaS neues Leben in B2B-Marktplätze bringt

2. August 2016

Online marketplaces have historically suffered from a 'chicken or the egg' syndrome. Either there were not enough buyers to support all of the people trying to sell, or there weren't enough sellers to support all the people who want to buy. This problem has finally been overcome in the B2C sector, thanks to the likes of Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Uber, and others. In the B2B sector, that issue still looms. The B2B marketplace has so far been defiled with defunct failures such as Commerce One and Pepmarket. Will B2B ever crack the 'chicken or the egg' syndrome to form a successful marketplace of its own?

Ist die Cloud wirklich etwas? Finden Sie heraus, warum einige Leute sagen, dass sie nichts Wirkliches ist.

25. Juli 2016

Technical terms, as a whole, are generally poorly understood and potentially ambiguous. Some people just don't understand, others misunderstand, and still more use a term too broadly to encompass more than it actually is. Nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of cloud computing. For example, people commonly say that they're working 'in the cloud' when what they are actually doing is working in a virtualized environment that isn't really a cloud. This isn't as common among tech professionals like the network administrator, but it is not uncommon among the business folks who depend on the technology but don't always 'get it'.


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