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Why Application Performance Management Can't Sit on the Back Bench Anymore

29. August 2015

Application performance management (APM) used to be important, back when resources like memory and processing power were limited in scope and expensive to come by. Then, as memory and CPU muscle became cheap and readily available, APM fell out of vogue. Why bother monitoring the apps when there are more resources to go around than could possibly be needed? Yet now, in the age of big data, the constant threat of data breach, an influx of new software -- both cloud-based and on-premises -- and other issues, APM again becomes important to the business. Here's why application performance management needs to be in the crosshairs of every business and IT department.

Expert Interview with Matt Watson on Application Monitoring for NETSCOUT

27. August 2015

In a world where customers expect applications to work perfectly every minute of every day, being proactive about monitoring the performance of your applications is critical.

"There are many studies that show that even millisecond delays can impact user satisfaction," says Matt Watson, CEO and founder of Stackify. "Users are used to sites like Google, Facebook, etc. that are lightning fast, and they have very little patience for slow applications or websites."

5 Kapazitätsplanungstipps, die Sie jetzt brauchen

19. August 2015

Die Kapazitätsplanung ist möglicherweise das wichtigste Element, das Unternehmen zurzeit fast völlig aus dem Blick verlieren. Es ist leicht zu sehen, warum; die meisten Unternehmen erholen sich noch von dem Zustrom von SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytik und Cloud), das die Entscheidungsträger in der Geschäftsleitung und IT Manager in den letzten Jahren unter Handlungsdruck gesetzt hat Aber SMAC ist nicht mehr neu und es ist jetzt an der Zeit Pläne zu machen, für den wachsenden Bedarf an Datenspeicherung und zuverlässiger Konnektivität, welche die Unternehmen in den kommenden Jahren benötigen. Hier sind einige Tipps, um Unternehmen auf den richtigen Weg bringen.

8Faktoren, welche die Antwortzeit Ihrer Endbenutzer beeinflussen

18. August 2015

Sind Benutzer mit ihrer Erfahrung zufrieden? Beschweren sie sich über langsamen Service und lange Wartezeiten? Muss das Management wissen, warum zusätzliche Bandbreite und Kapazitätsplanung wichtig ist? Es gibt viele Probleme, welche sich auf die Endbenutzer-Erfahrung und Reaktionszeit auswirken können und diese sind die häufigsten und problematischsten von allen.

1. Anzahl der Maschinen und Geräte im Netzwerk

Best Practices for the Borderless Enterprise Using Social Media

18. August 2015

Social media is a two-edged sword when it comes to running an enterprise. On one edge there lies a powerful tool to engage with the workforce, customers, vendors, and partners to establish a deeper relationship. On the other edge exists a potential disaster in the form of a poorly worded, badly timed, or inaccurate message. Clearly, social media needs to be a part of the enterprise's overall business plan. There just needs to be some best practices in place to assure that the organization always uses social media's good edge.


Expert interview with Russell Rothstein with tips for shopping for IT products for NETSCOUT

11. August 2015

With the Internet boom, it's gotten harder to cut through the marketing hype and find the product information you really need, says Russell Rothstein, CEO and founder of IT Central Station.

"Technology decision makers have to find products that fit their company size and needs, including scalability for the future and budget," he says. "Determining these needs can be a difficult process."

How to Provide a Great Experience for Remote Workers

9. August 2015

One of the more drastic changes in today's workforce is the migration of workers away from the traditional office setting. Even in work environments that still require workers to be in the office certain hours of the day, a tremendous amount of work gets done outside the office walls on home computers or with mobile devices. How can companies provide these remote workers with a stellar work experience, while assuring that productivity remains high, customers are satisfied, and communication is strong?

Expert Interview with Dennis Zimmer for NETSCOUT

6. August 2015

Infrastructure monitoring can be a tedious and time consuming chore. But if you're not careful, the rest of your to-do list can grow out of control if you focus too much on this task. Still, with just a little help, a big part of your day can be cleared up. That's what Dennis Zimmer, CEO of Opvizor Inc. says.

"I've seen so many avoidable issues and a lot of tuning possibilities that system administrators can't address due to a huge lack of time. Most administrators are jammed with work, so I decided to help them."


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