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Have the Cloud and Mobile Got Your Enterprise Out of Control? Grab It Back

2. August 2015

Not long ago, enterprises were sitting pretty. All of the business' transactions were conducted safely on their mainframe, which they owned and had full control over. The only people who could access the data and applications on that mainframe were those that the organization gave access to. The devices accessing the mainframe were homogenous, all were desktop computers using the same operating systems and with more or less the same capabilities in terms of video, audio, memory, speed, connectivity, etc.

Die Zukunft des Rechenzentrums

26. Juli 2015

Due to a variety of circumstances in both business and the technical world, the data center is changing radically. Data security is certainly an issue to consider, along with mobile technologies, the advent of cloud computing, concerns about how data centers impact the environment, and of course the rapidly expanding amounts of data that modern businesses are accumulating. Much of this data is unstructured (like email, text documents, audio and video files, etc.), and therefore do not fit nicely into a traditional relational database like SQL. What does the future of the data center entail? Here's a peek.

Kapazitätsplanung in der Cloud: Ein unterschätztes Problem, das angesprochen werden muss

22. Juli 2015

Capacity planning and management has long been part of the discussion when overseeing an IT department. What resources will we need? What will those resources cost? Where will the money come from? CFOs and CEOs have had those discussions for years regarding on premises databases and data warehouses. Unfortunately, this discussion didn't go away with the advent of the cloud. The need for capacity planning and management is still there, it just looks a little different in the cloud.

Experteninterview mit Chris Partsenidis für NETSCOUT

15. Juli 2015

Chris Partsenidis is a Senior Network Engineer, Editor-in-Chief of, and a freelance writer who specializes in network security topics.

For the past 15 years, he's been actively involved in the IT network security arena; and he has also been heavily involved in network design and security since the beginning of his career. Over the years, he's been a part of many large-scale projects for enterprise companies, covering network security, VoIP, IP telephony, VPN networks, firewalls, wireless networks, routing, load balancing, and more.


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