U.S. based Healthcare Provider Ensures Successful UC Upgrade

Leading U.S.-based Healthcare Provider Ensures Successful UC Upgrade with NETSCOUT Monitoring Strategy


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  • Patient quality performance issues related to major multi-year, multi-million dollar UC project
  • Need to verify and stress test the system in pre-production in lab environment before go-live
  • Need to protect the performance of new VoIP services post-deployment in the production environment
  • Inefficiencies around managing multiple vendors


  • nGenius®PULSE selected for pre-deployment testing to ensure success of UC Upgrade project
  • nGeniusPULSE was perfect complement with nGeniusONE® platform to achieve enterprisewide UC monitoring strategy
  • NETSCOUT® solutions offer pre- and postdeployment analysis in lab and production environment for UC service assurance – ensures quality patient experience

Business Value

  • NETSCOUT is the only company to provide range of solutions necessary to support projects from inception to operation
  • nGeniusPULSE used to validate UC services before deployment, complements nGeniusONE platform for proactive, realtime service assurance during and after deployment to minimize project failures and/or delays
  • Reduces costs and improves productivity by having fewer vendors for pre- and postdeployment service assurance
  • Implement business critical, high-profile projects confidently with visibility and intelligence from NETSCOUT

nGeniusPULSE, InfiniStream Appliances and Packet
Flow Switches Support Pre-deployment Testing
Through Post-deployment Service Assurance

Customer Profile

This leading U.S.-based healthcare provider serves millions of patients with services from tens of thousands of physicians and nurses, and hundreds of thousands of employees at numerous hospitals and hundreds of medical and outpatient offices. Prompt, efficient and high-quality communication is a top priority, allowing the organization to deliver an exceptional patient experience.

Unternehmerische Herausforderungen

In an effort to ensure the highest quality communication performance for patients, doctors and employees, this healthcare provider engaged in a major multi-year, multi-million dollar unified communications (UC) project. The IT team recognized that if the upgraded UC clusters were not fully tested under load, the system could be vulnerable to a range of failures, such as call drops and lack of dial-tone. Without real-time visibility and analysis in the production network, patientimpacting problems could persist far longer than would be acceptable.

IT needed to verify and stress test the system in pre-production before go-live, to attain service assurance. A further goal was to put a solution in place that would allow IT to protect the performance of the new VoIP services post-deployment in the actual production environment. This solution would have to enable IT to proactively get ahead of issues before they impacted patients. At the same time, IT wanted to reduce number of vendors they manage, thereby reducing time lost to vendor finger pointing in its complex UC&C environments.


The healthcare provider turned to NETSCOUT to support its UC upgrade objectives. nGeniusPULSE, a highly scalable application and network performance testing solution that uses active, synthetic tests to measure the availability and performance of services, was selected for pre-deployment testing to ensure the UC upgrade project would be successful.

When combined with InfiniStreamNG™ appliances with patented Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology and nGenius® packet flow switches, the implementation of nGeniusPULSE was an integral part of the company’s enterprise-wide UC monitoring strategy. As a result of the NETSCOUT solutions, IT was able to conduct pre- and post-deployment analysis of the VoIP environment. In the lab setting, the UC cluster was tested, hitting it with hundreds of calls at a time to ensure it was configured properly and working according to design specifications. nGeniusPULSE supported this proactive approach to provide visibility into the expanded network and active synthetic testing offers early detection so IT is aware of potential problems before they escalate into issues that affect the patient experience.

NETSCOUT Solution in Action

UC refresh projects in the data centers is necessary to achieve cost efficiencies while simultaneously taking advantage of new and improved services and capabilities. The healthcare provider in this case is deploying the nGeniusPULSE for pre-production testing of the new UC equipment. As part of their standard deployment process, the voice engineering team was using nGeniusPULSE in the lab to stress test and validate that the new VoIP equipment was capable of handling the call load per their design specifications. Finding issues in the lab are easier and less invasive for the engineers to address than when in the enterprise network.

Once the new UC equipment is in the live production network, the IT staff has been using the nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform with nGenius UC server and InfiniStream® appliances for service assurance of their voice sessions. The healthcare provider is leveraging the intelligent and contextual workflows in nGeniusONE to evaluate performance of SIP, SCCP, H.323 and RTP-based call signaling and media protocols. Further, call path information in Session Analysis views has provided the IT team with ladder diagrams and per hop transaction analysis for UC services. Troubleshooting with information that includes MOS analysis, QoS levels, codec information has helped quickly identify where interoperability issues may exist, impacting quality of patient experience in this healthcare’s complex, multi-vendor UC environment.

Business Value

As evidenced by the overwhelming success of this healthcare provider’s UC implementation, NETSCOUT has proven itself as the only company that can provide the full range of solutions necessary to support projects from inception through to operation. nGeniusPULSE was instrumental in allowing IT to validate UC services before deployment under lab conditions. Then, when combined with the nGeniusONE platform, the NETSCOUT solutions offer proactive, realtime service assurance during and after deployment to a production environment, minimizing project failures and/or delays.

The benefit of these solutions includes reduced costs and improved productivity as a result of having fewer vendors for preand post-deployment service assurance. The visibility and intelligence delivered by NETSCOUT allowed IT to stay on schedule with its mission-critical UC upgrade and enabled them to complete this high-profile project with tremendous confidence. Most importantly, it has ensured that communications will be reliable, guaranteeing a quality patient experience.
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