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Today’s enterprises are increasingly going borderless as we continue to embrace cloud-based technologies and access services through the network. Already, more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies have begun incorporating cloud based services and SaaS applications into their operations. Cloud adoption in Asia has been on the rise too with developed economies like Australia, Japan, Singapore and South Korea taking the lead.

IT departments now face the new challenge of maintaining control and visibility on the entire borderless network environment. For many enterprises, being able to manage the network environment and ensure its reliability is now business-critical.

Here are some real cases:

Ensuring access to critical network and applications at all locations

A multi-national technology company was on the path to outsourcing 100% of its IT requirements, relying heavily on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The company’s IT division needed a way to monitor its worldwide locations to ensure that users were having consistent and reliable access to all their applications. When users at one remote office were not able to access their SaaS applications, IT found it difficult to identify the cause…. and every minute this was happening, it was costing the company money.

Being aware when there is a network problem, even with hosted applications

A multinational manufacturing services company was using cloud based applications, infrastructure, and platforms to streamline IT encountered an issue with the service from its SaaS supplier. There was an outage at the hosted service, and the service provider notified executives at the manufacturing company before the company’s IT division had even realized there was a problem. This led to the appearance that IT was not aware of everything in the company’s own network.

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Mit TruView™ Live, kann Ihre IT-Abteilung das gesamte grenzenlose Netzwerk testen und überwachen, Problembereiche isolieren und schnell reagieren, damit Benutzer in Unternehmen verbunden bleiben und produktiv arbeiten können. Get visibility into SaaS applications, cloud services, and on premise programs.